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Sinte Group is the reliable solution!


Our activity includes the production and procurement of materials, products and equipment required for technological processes, from individual consulting to design – individual design, on-site installation, commissioning and documentation.

3D Survey Design – See the Future!

The on-site survey with a 3D laser scanner is accurate and complete.

With its help, the completed plans and future workmanship will be of a much higher standard.

Thanks to the combined use of the scanned file and the 3-dimensional design program, our partners receive particularly spectacular plans for the ordered project.


Construction of silos

Steel silos are suitable for storing agricultural crops.
An essential element of the silos is the ventilation system, which increases the storability of the crop, and grain cooling equipment can be connected to it, making periodic rotation and gasification unnecessary.
The construction is always preceded by architectural and technological planning.  
The selection of the applied crop management, material handling and storage technology can be made as a result of a very careful consultation and planning.


Construction of drying plants

The ancient means of preserving the crop is to reduce the moisture content during drying. We now achieve this with the help of advanced, state-of-the-art equipment.
During our career as a contractor, we have been involved in the installation of several types of drying equipment, thus gaining valuable experience, which we can use to provide professional advice in selecting the type and performance of drying equipment suitable for achieving our goals.
We add the necessary material handling equipment as well as cleaning machines and containers to the selected crop dryer.
We prepare the necessary technological and architectural plans in accordance with the regulations in force, and then we carry out and coordinate the implementation


Seed production

Our company undertakes the construction of plants optimized for the cleaning, grading and processing of seeds and cereals.
Knowledge of the installation of seed plant equipment requires special expertise, which was acquired by the specialists of Lak-Alarm Kft. During more than 20 years of construction activity.   
We offer complete production lines through our supplier relationships. Our engineering and construction team allows us to design and build turnkey facilities.
Together with our partners, our common mission is to provide the best possible solutions on time and on budget.


Industrial dust extraction systems

In feed production and crop processing, various materials (cereals, coarse powders, fine powders, pellets, etc.) are ground, metered, measured, and mixed.
Lak-Alarm Ltd. offers special equipment for the handling, dedusting, feeding, conveying, mixing and bulk handling of raw materials, additives and by-products, ensuring performance,
wear resistance and simple, fast and clean maintenance. Together with our partners, our common mission is to provide the best possible solutions on time and on budget.


Industrial plant construction


The company has held the role of general contractor several times in recent years, typically in the construction of feed processing plants and plant halls.

It is understandable that customers want to hand over the processes to a single, reliable company that coordinates not only the implementation but also the many participating companies.

In the course of our work, we have established well-functioning relationships with design and construction companies, as well as with the cooperating authorities.

Today, the specialists of the Company Group carry out all work phases, from expert consulting through design and production to construction.


Mill construction


Products are obtained from milled cereals by professionally stored and properly prepared cereals. Different preparation and grinding are used for different seeds and cereals.

Environmental requirements, environmental protection, economy and food safety standards play an important role in the selection of technologies.

From the offer of the manufacturing companies, we select and plan the most suitable machines for the future operation, be it a roller chair, a screen or a material handling equipment.


Industrial automation


Any manufacturing process can only be complete with a good control.

We supplement our planned and mechanically and architecturally constructed plants with PLC control, which includes logging of material handling, loading and unloading, weighing, storage, and technical supervision during operation.

Most often we use touch display panels for communicative and informative operation as a user interface, for very small, very simple controls the push-button interface can be a good choice.

An industrial computer that performs the task of plant control is just a tool that is commercially available, but it is worth nothing without a professionally and carefully written program that is impossible without professional experience and expertise.


Development of feed mixing plants

The needs of animal husbandry can only be met by continuously developed, modernized feed mixing plants. Our company, keeping in mind the needs of our Partners, plans and implements the modernization and development of existing plants.
No operator shall allow a forced shutdown due to a failure due to non-maintenance.
We carry out our maintenance activities in the feed processing plants that form our field in two different ways:
The warranty service in the modernized plants we carry out is contractually stipulated.
In addition to the warranty period, you may enter into a contract with us for our maintenance service, as well as the owners of other plants, if scheduled maintenance is not resolved.


Construction work for buildings relating to metal structures


The activity of our company includes the production and construction and assembly of steel-structured halls.


In all cases, we perform our work in accordance with the deadlines and in accordance with the requirements, at a favorable and competitive price.